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Got a Dirty Patio in Garden City? Our Pro Cleaners Have a Plan!

The struggle is real! When living in Michigan, outdoor living areas take a proper beating during the winter months. So what happens when spring and summer come rolling around, and your patio looks less than stellar? You can call ProClean patio cleaners in Garden City for expert rejuvenation services.

Did you know that patio and paver cleaning is more than just making your concrete and hardscapes look attractive? Our services clean off the remnants of winter like salt, and other ice-busting brines. Why is that important? Because salt brines cause corrosion and deterioration when left on concrete, asphalt, and bricks.

Our team has been cleaning patios for decades, and we're dedicated to keeping yours looking incredible and preserving its longevity. We'll give you a FREE consultation and estimate so that you'll know exactly what to expect. Are you ready to get your patio pressure cleaning services underway? Great! Please call or email us today.

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Patio Cleaning - It's Awesome!

It might not be much fun when you have to do it yourself, but hiring a professional patio cleaner in Garden City, MI, is an incredible deal. For one, it saves you loads of time. But are you aware of all the benefits that come alongside expert patio cleaning services? Let's talk about them a little bit:

  • Increased Longevity - Concrete tends to break down when it's covered in organic substances, especially those leftover from a harsh MI winter. Power washing cleans the gunk off and extends the life of the patio.
  • You'll Save Money - Keeping patios clean means there's less of a chance for damages. That means you'll save money on repair.
  • Improved Look & Function - A clean patio looks excellent, is welcoming, and serves its purpose far better than a dirty one.
  • Less Risk of Injury - Patios covered in mold and mildew are very slippery. Washing off the mold decreases slip and fall accidents and also stops allergies from forming or worsening.
  • Increases Property Value - When your outdoor living space is kept in great condition, the value of your property goes up. That's great news when selling your home!

Have you made your mind up about patio cleaning yet? If not, we have an incredible blog page that further details how we power clean your patio, including our famous soft wash experience. Take a moment to read the articles and see what you think.

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The Longer You Wait for Garden City Patio Cleaning, the Dirtier Your Concrete Becomes!

Patio cleaning services in Garden City do more than just keep your BBQ pad looking great. In fact, when you have your patio professionally cleaned, you're protecting your investment. Did you know that power washing a patio prevents cracks, chips, and mold growth? We get asked all of the time about the force of highly pressurized water and whether it can damage pavers or concrete.

Typically, pressure washing patios is safe and effective. However, if your patio has weak spots or chipping, we'll opt for the soft wash method, which combines robust detergents and low-pressure hot water. Did you know that the detergents we use are eco-friendly?

We aren't in the business of killing plants and poisoning pets. You can feel confident with the tools and soaps that we use at your home or business during any pressure washing service.

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We're Committed to Squeaky Clean Patios in Garden City

Our team of skilled and talented patio cleaners in Garden City, Michigan, has a flair for top-notch power washing services. Not only do we clean patios, but we seal your pavers as well. Why do we do that? Well, a good cleaning can only go so far, but when you add a sealant to the mix, you protect your concrete from environmental exposure.

We like to clean patios and decks and preserve them for the long haul. You can count on our squad to blast dirt away from any outdoor hardscape like siding, windows, fences, and driveways. Have you had a consultation with us yet? It's 100% FREE. We hope to hear from you soon!



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