Homeowners' Guide: Can Pavers Really Be Cleaned Throughly?

September 6, 2022

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Do you have an important event that you are hosting at your home and have decided to have it outdoors? Upon looking at your patio pavers, you may have concluded that you don't want to invite your guests over to see the dirt, grime, and moss that has formed all over them. As a matter of fact, your pavers are probably so dirty that you can't even tell what their original color is. So, if you can't stand the sight of your pavers and want your guests to have a positive impression of your backyard, it may be time for paver cleaning. But how do you get this grime off your pavers? Read on to learn more about getting your pavers in pristine condition for your next outdoor event. 

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Are pavers hard to clean?

If your pavers aren't sealed, cleaning them may be pretty challenging. However, getting them back to their original condition isn't impossible. However, unsealed pavers will require a lot of muscle power and potent cleaning agents to get them to pristine condition. So, to answer the question, yes, pavers are hard to clean, and paver cleaning can be a colossal task if you don't have experience. 

How do I clean and restore pavers?

If you want to turn this into a weekend DIY project, give yourself up to five hours to complete this task. The labor may not take this long, but waiting for cleansing agents to loosen the dirt and grime from the surface may take some time. Ideally, it is best to perform such tasks early in the morning to avoid the sun interfering with the cleaning agents. It is also a good idea to clean pavers in the spring while the ground is still moderately warm.

To start with cleaning and restoring pavers, it is a good idea to use a strong bristle broom to loosen up dirt and debris. This will also help get moss off your pavers. If you notice weeds growing between pavers, pulling them up by hand using latex or garden gloves is a good idea. You can also use a weed torch or apply a weed herbicide to get rid of the weeds coming through your pavers. After resolving this issue, you can use a suitable cleaning method for this task. 

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Dish Liquid and Water

One of the least abrasive methods will be to use mild dish detergent and water to clean the pavers. Then, using the bristled broom, work the soap into the pavers, gently removing the surface dirt. Once you're finished, use a garden hose to remove the cleaning solution and dirt. 

White Vinegar and Water

With this method, you will still need soap and water solution after applying the white vinegar and water solution. Use a 50 to 50 ratio of white vinegar and hot water. Apply it to pavers for about an hour. After an hour, clean the surface by repeating the process for dish liquid and water above. Hose away the solution and the dirt. 


Another method that you can use to clean your pavers is to combine bleach and water to clean the pavers. Ideally, it is best to use the previous methods because bleach can fade and damage the pavers. However, if your pavers are very dirty, bleach may be necessary. Dilute half a cup of bleach with a quart of water in a spray bottle. Add a few drops of dish liquid to enhance the bleach's cleaning power. Soak the pavers and allow the solution to sit for about 20 minutes. Afterwards, scrub the pavers with a bristled brush. Once you've finished cleaning, wash away the solution with a garden hose. 

How Can I Keep My Pavers Clean Throughout the Year

To keep your pavers looking great after a deep paver cleaning, it is a good idea to sweep them and spot clean them, particularly when you or guests spill food or drinks on them. Applying a weed killer will help keep the weeds from growing between the pavers. Although bleach will help control algae and moss at bay, if your pavers are prone to attracting these microorganisms, applying commercial algae and mold remover may be a good idea. Additionally, after a deep cleaning, it is also a good idea to use a garden hose to wash off the pavers occasionally to keep them clean. 

Ideally, if you want to minimize the need to clean pavers often, getting pavers sealed is a good idea. This will keep dirt, mold, and other items at bay and make cleaning pavers easier in the future. 

Is Paver Cleaning Worthwhile When Selling a Home?

It is a good idea to keep pavers cleaned so that they are in pristine condition when you are entertaining. But is it a good idea to clean pavers if you plan to sell a home? The answer is a resounding yes. The exterior of your home is one of the most critical parts of the house that a buyer will examine. Therefore, cleaning your pavers and any other concrete surfaces is best before putting your home on the market. If buyers notice that you don't take time to care about such a minor detail as this, they may wonder what other problems may be lurking behind your four walls. 

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How Professionals Clean Pavers

If you decide that the DIY method for cleaning your pavers may be too much to bear, it may be time to call the professionals to get a professional paver cleaning. Unlike DIY methods, professional cleaners may use a different method for removing dirt, grime, and moss from your pavers. 

Some professionals use a soft-wash method to clean pavers. This involves using a pressure washer that is more powerful than a typical garden hose to remove dirt. They may also use an environmentally friendly cleaning solution to help get rid of weeds, dirt, moss, algae, and more. In a short time, they can get your pavers looking great. You can also get a professional to seal your pavers with a glossy or matte sealant to help protect them from UV rays, microorganisms, and dirt. 

Hiring a professional pressure washing company could cost a few hundred dollars based on the square footage they must clean. Although the professional option may seem pricey, it can save an enormous amount of time and money. Additionally, hiring professionals can help prevent you from damaging your pavers by using the wrong types of solutions or sealants. 

When cleaning pavers, hiring a professional pressure washing company is your first line of defense. You won't have to get pressure washing too much if you seal your pavers to protect them from dirt and the sun's UV rays. But it is generally recommended that you get them cleaned by a professional at least once every three years. Is it time for paver cleaning in Garden City at your home or business? Contact Garden City Power Washing Experts at (734) 888-9190 for a free estimate. 

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